Below I present the photo-manipulations mentioned in my book (p. 285):

“Marcus Gheeraert’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth I and the NPG portrait of Anne Boleyn transpose one on top of the other. Also, the portrait of Elizabeth I with a Fan transposes on the top of the NPG portrait and the facial features are exactly the same – the faces on both portraits of the Queen Elizabeth with a Fan and the National Portrait Gallery portrait of Anne Boleyn have exactly the same lines running from the corner of the nose to the mouth, the same lines under the nose, and the same lines under the chin and facial resemblance in eyebrows and nose. It will be argued here that Anne Boleyn’s NPG portrait was copied with a great diligence from Elizabeth’s portrait with a Fan, and they were both painted by the same artist, possibly Marcus Gheeraerts.”


Elizabeth I with a Fan, Compton Verney, UK

Three portraits of Elizabeth I that bear extraordinary resemblance to Anne Boleyn’s NPG portrait.

The two portraits look astonishingly alike.


Photo-manipulations by Sylwia S. Zupanec

Images by Wikimedia Commons